Understand your player's emotions in real-time

How does it work, and why should you care?

Why should you care?

Using this data could dramatically improve your retention and revenue.

Improved IAP

Understanding your user’s emotional state will allow you to show advertisements when they are most receptive. Improving the performance of monetization features and reducing player frustration.

Game Design

Can be used with dynamic optimization of game difficulty, which keeps players in the gaming flow.

Better rewards

Tailor rewards to the individual players’ needs. Incentivize positive emotions, address negative emotions, and personalize rewards to keep players engaged and returning for more.


Analyze players' emotions during gameplay to provide valuable insights that can inform more effective testing strategies. Improve playtesting feedback, enhance the user experience, and catch potential issues early on.

Mental Health

Be known for improving your players’ mental health by keeping their stress in check.

How does it work?


We organize a call to understand your needs better and explain what our service could do for you.

Data collection

We analyze how your players behave during the game and in the history.


Using AI models and our lab's research, we can recognize a player's persona based on their gaming patterns.


Once recognized, we can report and predict a player's behavior, needs, and more. You simply ask us for the data you wish to receive.

What does it cost?

We follow a simple rule: we try to bring you an added value to your business, and then we want a proportion of that additional value. If we don't provide you with any value, do not waste your money on us. As we are still testing this solution, all costs will be discussed case-to-case.